Cloud Computing

In today’s age of Digitalization, there is a need for datacenters to become adaptive to the continuously changing business demands. Datacenters have been transforming from traditional legacy models to an on-demand virtualized, shared resource pools. The Hybrid Cloud strategy for Sepals Corp. is focused on creating the datacenters of the future, by essentially relooking at what organizations store, govern and manage data. Organizations are utilizing cloud computing to turn the flood of data into actionable insight that will competitively position the business to drive innovation.

Following are some of the trends evolving in the Enterprise Datacenter space today:

  • Requirement of flexible workloads across enterprise Infrastructure
  • Departure of Enterprise Applications from traditional Enterprise owned Data Centers to SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud service providers
  • Adoption of Private Clouds for hosting Legacy modernization of line of business applications
  • Integration across providers and business services and an orchestration layer for the underlying infrastructure between disparate environments to seamlessly integrate across legacy infra, private and public

Our Hybrid Cloud solutions take a business and solution centric view with workloads and underlying infrastructure designed for hyper scalability, required business performance, resiliency and service continuity.