Big Data

Big data by its very definition means large data sets that it is almost awkward to work with using normal database management tools and businesses are leveraging big data. So various Challenges that impact this definition are capture, storage, search, sharing, analytics, visualizing and requires massively parallel software running on tens, hundreds or even thousands of servers.

There is a wealth of data residing inside and outside every Enterprise. Businesses must have proper tools to organize, analyze and query this data in order to uncover actionable insights that improve business planning and decision making.

This massive amount of data, when mined intelligently will uncover tremendous insights that any company can use to gain a competitive advantage Our architecture advisory services will provide you with the required direction in determining which technologies in the Big Data stack will work best for your requirements. This includes defining the architecture, analyzing and proposing appropriate technologies that are pertinent to the business requirements.

  • Architect, implement and maintain Data Warehouse / Business Intelligence / Big Data Analytics solutions.
  • Implement packaged Analytics solutions or build custom solutions.
  • Implement integrated dashboards for getting a holistic measurement of corporate, operational, and customer centric KPIs.
  • Implement solutions for Master Data Management, Metadata repository, and Data Quality.