About Us

Sepals Corp. emerged as our response to the 'need of the hour' of corporate America - "Professional Staffing to support Virtual Organizations". Sepals Corp. are a highly networked team of computer professionals, sharing common interests. We strongly believe that only quality professionals can produce quality work. 'Quality' is significantly measured by the quantum of value added to the services delivered. In pursuance to this ideal, we recruit and maintain professionals who can combine their specialized technical acumen with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

We support and encourage holistic development of our team members, as they are looked upon in the workplace to excel and set standards. Our teams of professionals are technically, professionally and academically adequately accomplished. They bring with them their broad spectrum of industry experience.

We provide consultants with specific expertise to assist your team. Focus is on the delivery of innovative management consulting services with primary concentrations in:

  • Business Strategy
  • Technology Strategy
  • Technology Architecture
  • Feasibility & Cost-Benefit Studies
  • Project Planning & Management
  • Quality Assurance